Thursday, January 3, 2013

Recap: Schwartz

My grandmother Sarah Schwartz arrived in New York City in 1900, at age 16, following her father's death and mother's subsequent remarriage.  Sarah married in Manhattan in 1905, on New Year's Day, just 6 weeks before turning 21.  Sarah's first child, Bella, died at age 1

    Schwartz, Abraham Martin    ___  Aus - <1900 Aus      died before Sarah immigrated
    Reich, Beile                           ___  Aus - <1905 Aus      granddaughter Beile born 1905
          Sarah                              1884 Aus -   1940 NYC          my grandmother

    Reich, ____                            ___  Aus - _____ Aus      ? brother of Sarah's mother
    ____ , ____                            ___  Aus - _____ Aus    
          Louis                               1871 Aus - <1918 NYC     Sarah's contact on arrival 1900
          Morris                              1886 Aus - >1942 NYC

Sarah Schwartz Storck is buried in Mount Hebron cemetery, in landsmanschaft Cong. Radomysle.

Little is known of Sarah Schwartz prior to her arrival in New York City in 1900.  Her parents' names are listed on her Manhattan marriage and NY death certificates.  She was born in Austria according to census 1910-1930; she was born in Galicia, like her husband, per her children's NY birth records.  Her town of origin only appears on NY arrival record & Rotterdam departure record, listed in both places as "Wolhein" which is not found in JewishGen databases, or recognized by anyone on JewishGen lists.

Her arrival contact is listed as cousin Louis Reich, who was born in Austria per census 1900-1915.  Louis dies young, before WW1 draft, and no town of origin found elsewhere.  Louis had a younger brother Morris, who immigrated after Louis, and upon arrival in New York, lived with Louis and his family. Morris was born in Austria per census 1900-1915, and his WW1 draft registration lists his town of origin as Stari Sambor

Records not found:
   1905 NY census - Storck, Herman newly-married
   1860 census - Koester, Daniel and daughter Louisa (and wife Mary?)
   ? marriage & death, Louis Reich
   ? marriage & death, Louis Reich


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