After 2 years of struggling to find my way as a blogger, I decided to revise the focus of this blog to describe my research journey: helping me organize areas needing research and how I might pursue, as well as documenting along the way the things I've tried and how each turned out.

And so I set just one goal for 1st quarter of 2013: every Saturday, post about ONE specific area in my family tree needing further research - outlining and drafting during the week, then publishing on Saturday morning, ready or not.  Trust me, these posts so far are not pretty: the content is incomplete or needs polish, citations are outlined but not included, and there isn't a photo or image anywhere.  But there's satisfaction in at least getting data and questions captured, and establishing a weekly routine of planning, drafting, and publishing.

And along the way, I've spruced up the template and text colors, cleaned up tags / labels so only the 2013 posts appear in index, and created a couple of supporting tabs (or pages, in Blogger language).

Have posted 10 Saturdays in a row, with 3 to go, to complete 1st quarter!

Then each Saturday 2nd quarter, my plan is to re-post the equivalent 1st quarter blog post with any research progress or ideas, plus polish content, include citations, and add at least one photo or image.