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Recap: Storck / Storch

My grandfather Chaim Storch (called Herman Storck in America), arrived in New York City at age 10 with his mother Sime and siblings Reuben age 12, Enoch age 7, and Zipora age 2, from Gorlice, Galicia, Austria.

    Storch, Samuel                     a. ___  Aus  -  <1905 NYC?  
    Solomon, Sime                     a.1848 Aus  -  ?1922 NYC    
          Ruben                             a.1879 Aus  -  ?1934 NYC    
          Chaim / Herman                1881 Aus  -    1949  NYC           my grandfather
          Enoch / Henry                   1884 Aus  -  >1942 Newark, NJ ?
          Zipora / Matilda                1890 Aus  -  >1905 perhaps Hartford, CT

Herman Storck is buried in Beth David cemetery in landsmanschaft ....

Little is known of Samuel Storch, just his name which appears on Manhattan marriage certificates of his sons, and that he was born in Austria according to all available US and NY census listings of his children.  Per passenger records, his family consisting of wife and 4 children arrived in New York City in 1891; presumably he arrived earlier. No trace of any family member has been found in the 1900 US census; by the 1905 NY census, his wife Sime is listed as widowed.  No trace of Samuel has been found in NY death certificates, city directories, or police census.   city directories ??  death 1922?  cemetery??

Wife Sime Solomon Storch appears in ship manifests, arriving in New York City in 1891, with children Reuben, Chaim (Herman), Enoch (Henry), and Zipora (Matilda). No trace of any family member has been found in the 1900 US census; by the 1905 NY census, Sime is listed as widowed, living with daughter Matilda age 16, and just-married son Henry and his bride Anna.  Son Herman married 4 months earlier, and not listed there or anywhere else in 1905 NY census.    census other than 1905?  death 1922?  cemetery??

Little is known of Reuben Storch, just his name and age from passenger records, when he arrived with his mother and siblings in New York City in 1891. No trace of Reuben appears in any US or NY census, or NY marriage or naturalization records. The only potential match is a WW1 draft record for Reuben Storck, born 1878 in Austria; however, nothing else on record ties him to family, including nearest family contact listed as Michael Havon.   death record on order ??  city directories ??

Little is known of Matilda Storck after age 16, when she appeared in 1905 NY census living with her mother, and just-married brother Henry and his bride Anna.  She arrived with her mother and brothers in New York City in 1891, per passenger records, listed as Zipora Storch.  My mother recalled an "Aunt Matilda" living in Hartford, CT but did not remember whether she'd ever married; no trace found in census living in CT or NY.    marriage or death record ??  city directories ??

Records on order:
   1934 death, Rubin Storch, 55y   >   born 1878-1879

   1922 death, Sime Storch

Records found:
? 1918 WW1 draft, Reuben Storck, born 1878 in Austria, rabbi

   1905 NY census, Sime Storck household
   1905 marriages, Herman Storck, Henry Storck
   1891 manifest, Sime Storch & children

Records not found:
   ? marriage, Reuben Storck
   ? naturalization, Reuben Storck
   any census - Reuben Storck
   1910 census - Sime and Matilda age 21, together or apart?  Hartford?
   1905 NY census - Herman, just married
   1900 census, Storch family, although at least 4 of 6 alive
   189x death, Samuel Storch
   189x manifest, Samuel Storch, before family arrives?



    1.   1891 manifest, Sime Storck and children
    1. 1.   1905 marriage, Herman Storck
      2.   1905 marriage, Henry Storck
      3.   1905 NY census, Sime Storck household
            1910+ census, Herman / Henry

      ?.   1918 WW1 draft registration, Reuben Storck
      ?.   1934 death, Reuben Storck


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