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Recap: Decker

My American roots are short: 3 of my 4 grandparents were immigrants arriving in 1891 and 1900.  This remaining branch goes back only 2 more generations, with all of these great-great-grandparents arriving around 1840:

    Decker, John Christian    a.1812 Ger - 1853 NY         
    ______, Margaretha        a.1814 Ger - 1893 NY        maiden name Meyer or Baker? 
          Henry                            1843 NY - 1911 NY        never married
          George Wilhelm           1848 NY - 1896 NY        children John & Edna?
          John                              1850 NY - 1930 NY        my great-grandfather 

    Koester, Daniel                a.1830 Ger  - 1883 NY     
    ______, Maria / Mary      a.1827 Ger  - 1911 NY      maiden Baker / Becker / Bicker?
          Louisa                           1858 NY  - 1891 NY       my great-grandmother

With the exception of Daniel Koester and infant grandson Daniel Decker, who share a plot in Lutheran cemetery, the Deckers and Koesters are buried in Green-wood cemetery, in a family plot.

Looking at 4 German Lutheran churches that existed in Manhattan, nothing useful in newest, and familly not listed in oldest.  Will be looking at records of next oldest on microfilm at FHL, while at RootsTech; still trying to learn where records from remaining church ended up.

Little is known of John Christian Decker, who died young and thus only appears in 1850 census, occupation grocer, from Germany.  Since he doesn't appear in 1840 census, and his 1st child was born in NY in 1843, it appears that he immigrated sometime in-between, marrying either before or after immigrating.

His wife Margaretha / Mena appears also in 1870 and 1880 census, widowed, with sons. Unclear where from in Germany: Bavaria listed on 1870 census, Hanover listed on 1880 census. Maiden name blank on her death certificate; listed on sons' death certificates as Meyer, Baker, blank.

Little is known of Daniel Koester, who only appears in 1880 census, occupation cabinet maker, from Prussia. Since his only known child was born in NY in 1858, it appears that he immigrated sometime before, likely marrying wife Maria after immigrating, if 1880 census correct that she was from Hesse-Darmstadt.

His wife Maria appears additionally in 1900 and 1910 census, widowed, living with widowed son-in-law, and her granddaughters. 1900 census shows mother of 1 child total, 1 child living - a mistake? or was Louisa a stepdaughter?  Only 1880 census lists Hesse-Darmstadt.  Maiden name hard to read on her death certificate: Baker or Becker or Bicker.

Records found and on order:
   1883 death - Koester, Daniel   ... NY death records, indexed on ItalianGen

Records not found:
   1855 NY census - Decker, Margaretha and sons Henry, George, John
   1855 NY census - Koester, Daniel (and wife Mary?)
   1860 census - Decker, Margaretha and sons Henry, George, John
   1860 census - Koester, Daniel and daughter Louisa (and wife Mary?)
   1870 census - Koester, Daniel and daughter Louisa (and wife Mary?)
   1880 census - Decker, George - perhaps married? perhaps children John & Edna?
   1843 birth  - Decker, Henry
   1848 birth  - Decker, George Wilhelm
   1850 birth  - Decker, John
   1858 birth  - Koester, Louise
   1853 death - Decker, John Christian
   Possible marriage? - Decker, John Christian & Margaretha
   Possible marriage? - Koester, Daniel & Maria



    1.   1850 U.S. census, John Decker household
    2.   1870 U.S. census, Margaret Decker household
    3.   1880 U.S. census, Margaret Decker household
    4.   1880 U.S. census, Daniel Koester household
    5.   1900 U.S. census, Mary Koester 
    6.   1910 U.S. census, Mary Koester 
    7.   1853 Death record, John Decker ... maybe church record?
    8.   1883 Death record, Daniel Koester ... on order
    9.   1893 Death record, Margaret Decker
    10. 1911 Death record, Mary Koester

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