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Puzzle - Henry Storck

NEW SINCE 1Q:  nothing new on Henry and his family in the last 3 months, BUT made some great finds on his oldest brother Rubin (for post in 2 weeks), about whom I'd previously had no sign of, once he arrived in NYC, age 12, with family.  AND made some great finds for their mother (for post in 3 weeks), along with a new child born 2 years after family's arrival in NYC, proving AT LAST that their father did make it to NYC also (he's listed on child's Manhattan birth certificate!)  Sadly, both child and father are deceased by time of 1905 NY census, and possibly earlier, as still missing 1900 census for family.

Although no sign of Henry and family, or any Storcks, in Newark memories, a website recommended on JewishGen list, I still had a great time reading stories about life in Newark at the time they lived there, 1920 - 1940's.

My grandfather's brother, Henry Storck, married in Manhattan in 1905and moved to Newark, NJ sometime between the birth of his 6th child in 1920 and 7th child in 1925.  Henry and family are listed in Newark in the 1930 and 1940 census, and in 1942, Henry completed a WW2 draft registration, which lists his wife as contact.  

In 1947, their 3 sons appear in the Newark city directory listing The Storck Boys, a gasoline station. They have separate residential addresses, and only one is married: Silvin L., to Arline P. 

By 1952, the oldest son, Robert Quentin, has moved to Stockton, California where he spends the rest of his life, dying in 1993 at age 80. Although married several times, he does not father any children. 

Have been unable to trace the other 2 sons, nor connect any with more contemporary Storcks living in Newark area. 

Records found:
   1905 Manhattan marriage, Henry Storch & Anna ... on FS
   1905 NY census ... on FS
   1910 census
   1915 NY census
   1917 WW1 draft, Henry Storck
   1920 census
   1930 census
   1940 census
   1942 WW2 draft, Henry Storck

Records not found:

   ? marriage of any children
   ? SSDI or death records of Henry, wife, or children



    1.   1905 Manhattan marriage, Henry Storch & Anna ... on FS
    2.   1905 NY census ... on FS
    3.   1910 census
    4.   1915 NY census
    5.   1917 WW1 draft
    6.   1920 census
          7.   1930 census
          8.   1940 census
          9.   1942 WW2 draft

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