Saturday, February 16, 2013

Puzzle - Beile Reich

Beile Reich is listed as maiden name of mother on the Manhattan marriage certificate [3] of my grandmother Sarah Schwartz; Beile Schwartz Kukel is listed as married name of mother on Sarah's NY death certificate [5].  

Both certificates list Abraham Schwartz as father's name, which supports what Sarah told her children: she arrived in New York City at age 16, following her father's death and mother's subsequent remarriage.  Sarah's first child, a daughter she named Bella, was born in 1905 [4], indicating Beile Reich Schwartz Kukel had died by then, possibly before Sarah emigrated from Austria to NY in June 1900? [1,2]

    Schwartz, Abraham Martin    ___  Aus - <1900 Aus      died before Sarah immigrated
    Reich, Beile                            ___  Aus - <1905 Aus      granddaughter Beile born 1905
          Sarah                               1884 Aus -   1940 NYC          my grandmother

    Reich, ____                            ___  Aus - _____ Aus      ? brother of Sarah's mother
    ____ , ____                            ___  Aus - _____ Aus    
          Louis                               1871 Aus - <1918 NYC     Sarah's contact on arrival 1900
          Morris                              1886 Aus - >1942 NYC

Sarah was born in Galicia, like her husband, per her children's NY birth records [4].  Her town of origin only appears on NY arrival record & Rotterdam departure record [1,2], listed in both places as "Wolhein" which is not found in JewishGen databases, or recognized by anyone on JewishGen lists.

Her arrival contact is listed as cousin Louis Reich [2], born in Austria per census 1900-1915.  Louis dies young, before WW1 draft, and no town of origin found elsewhere.  Louis had a younger brother Morris, who immigrated after Louis, and upon arrival in New York, lived with Louis and his family. Morris was born in Austria per census 1900-1915, and his WW1 draft registration lists his town of origin as Stari Sambor.

   ? when & where died
   ? when & where married
   ? when & where born
   ? parents names
   ? children's names besides Sarah

Records not found:
   ? arrival records - Louis, Morris
   ? death records - Louis, Morris   

Records found:
   1900 Rotterdam departure record - Sara 
   1900 NY arrival record - Sarah Schwartz, lists contact as cousin Louis Reich
   1905 NY marriage certificate - Sarah Schwartz, lists mother's maiden name = Beile Reich
   1905 NY birth certificate - Bella Storck, parents Sarah Schwartz & Herman Storck
   1940 NY death certificate - Sarah Schwartz, lists mother's name = Beile Schwartz Kugel

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