Saturday, January 26, 2013

Puzzle - Samuel Storch

Little is known of Samuel Storch, just his name which appears on Manhattan marriage certificates of his sons, and that he was born in Austria according to all available US and NY census listings of his children.

Per passenger records, his family consisting of wife and 4 children arrived in New York City in 1891; presumably he arrived earlier. 

No trace of any family member has been found in the 1900 US census; by the 1905 NY census, his wife Sime is listed as widowed.  

No trace of Samuel has been found in NY death certificates, city directories, or police census.

Records on order:    19xx death, Rubin Storch
   19xx death, Sime Storch

Records found:
   1905 NY census, Sime Storck household
   1905 marriages, Herman Storck, Henry Storck
   1891 manifest, Sime Storch & children

Records not found:
   1900 census, Storch family, although at least 4 of 6 alive
   189x death, Samuel Storch
   189x manifest, Samuel Storch, before family arrives?



    1.   1905 marriage, Herman Storck
    2.   1905 marriage, Henry Storck
    3.   1905 NY census, Sime Storck household

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