Wednesday, June 6, 2012

1940 census NY state index posted today!

Ancestry announced this morning the availability of index for 1940 census for New York state! - the first website to have NY indexed! So in the midst of packing to drive to Jamboree tomorrow, I paused to locate: - my Dad, age 18, living in Manhattan with his brother & mother (his father died in 1929) - my Dad's sister, living nearby with his aunt - my Mom, age 17, living in Manhattan with her brother & father (her mother died just 6 weeks before census) - my Mom's sister Gertie, just married - my Mom's sister Esther, already moved to Albany (where she remained until her death in 1970) The only person I couldn't find was my mother's sister Martha. And I have an uncle living in New Jersey in 1940, whom I located in April using enumeration district.

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