Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 goals & 2011 accomplishments

2012 1Q GOALS     
- revive blogging at least weekly 
- giveback: donate equal time to indexing records for my maternal heritage :-)

2012 2Q GOALS      (DRAFT) 
- continue blogging at least weekly 
- prep to attend my 2nd Jamboree, in June (pitch ideas ?)
- giveback: index 1940 census for New York

- revive blogging at least weekly 
- check out new DNA match reports at least monthly
- attended RootsTech (1st time) & Jamboree (2nd time)

- began planning to attend my 1st conference, Jamboree in June 
- attended RootsTech virtual sessions, then year of webinars spawned after RootsTech
- from webinars, learned to set up Google reader, & to create my own blog
- attended Geneablogger radio shows since early March, live when possible
- from webinars, implemented Dropbox in May & and Evernote in September 
- added iPhone in June, and iPad in October
- completed DNA testing with FamilyTreeDNA, using my brother's DNA
- over holidays, scanned family photos to brother's desktop, synced by Dropbox to me
- from cemetery records, learned GF's brother was married with children, not in census
- giveback: continued records indexing begun in 2009

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